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Our Commitments

Welcome to Kin!

Here at Kin, we believe in more than just crafting exceptional coffee; we're dedicated to fostering a community-driven approach to the art of roasting. Tucked away in the city of Peterborough, we take pride in being local roasters with family and community at our core.

We've been passionate about coffee since our first sip and it's all snowballed from there. From our first AeroPress, Rhino Hand Grinder and the kitchen kettle it's been a journey of discovery in to the flavours possible from home brewed coffee. 

Every bag of coffee we roast is a testament to our commitment to quality and connection. We understand that great coffee starts with fresh, meticulously roasted beans. That's why each order is roasted with care, ensuring that every batch maintains its peak flavor and aroma.

But our dedication doesn't stop there. We are deeply passionate about supporting coffee farmers across the globe. Through our sourcing partners, we strive to create sustainable relationships that not only provide fair compensation but also empower farmers and their communities. By sourcing our beans responsibly, we aim to contribute to the betterment of the coffee world while providing you with access to remarkable quality coffee beans.

From the moment the beans are harvested to the satisfying sip in your cup, we're devoted to every step of the journey. Join us in celebrating the rich flavors, stories, and traditions that make each cup of coffee an experience to savor.

Discover the difference that dedication, community, and quality make with Kin Coffee Roasters.

Welcome to our family.

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